• Art of Arora

    • A Day in the Life Of............
      Black Lab Tile Front B2B

      A Day in the Life Of............

    • Alice in Wonderland Tiles
      AIWL Tile Lrg Frnt Tea Party B2B

      Alice in Wonderland Tiles

    • Steamboat Willie Tiles
      MM Tile Lrg Frnt At The Wheel B2B

      Steamboat Willie Tiles

  • Christmas

    • Craycombe Tea Light Holders
      SWSTLH Reindeer Lit B2B

      Craycombe Tea Light Holders

      Seasonal mirror backed tealight holders, adding to a home atmosphere with the flicker of a natural flame.

    • Craycombe Trinkets
      Fairling Web 3 Xmas CT Boxes

      Craycombe Trinkets

      A super range of seasonal trinket boxes decorated with vibrant enamels and embellished with crystals. Packaged in a beautiful silk lined box.

  • Childrens

    • Arora Kids
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      Arora Kids

      A brand new range of wooden accessories perfect for the bedrooms or Princesses or Pirates!  Designed to adorn walls and doors, keep pocket money and pretty treasures safe or frame the photos of little loved ones.

    • Dear Sophie
      DS Pic

      Dear Sophie

      DEAR SOPHIE was created for kids. All of them! Girls and Boys no matter the difference – all kids are little explorers.  It’s all clear to us – we understand it like no other. DEAR SOPHIE are us, parents, who know how important it is for a baby to feel well and comfy every day; so that nothing disturbs their world exploring.

  • The Ultimate Gift

    • The Ultimate Gift for Girls
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      The Ultimate Gift for Girls

      On-trend and fun loving this range offers items that are both practical and stylish for everyday use. With themes that will resonate and raise a smile these make easy to pick up, easy to give gifts.

    • The Ultimate Gift For...
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      The Ultimate Gift For...

      No time, No mess, No problem!

      Perfect for a busy lifestyle, seven fabulous gift packs full ingenious labour saving devices, handy gadgets and time savers which have been creatively designed to make life easier.

      Who in today’s crazy world would not appreciate the gift of a bit more time!

    • The Ultimate Gift for Man
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      The Ultimate Gift for Man

      This fantastic range inspired by men’s love of sport and hobbies, and not forgetting number one dad’s, has excelled at retail.

      Available under this brand are BBQ Sets, Mug & Tin sets, practical Lap Trays, Travel Mugs, Hip Flasks, Drinks Bottles, Slippers, Wash Bags, Photo Frames, Wall Art and Socks.

  • Sentiment

    Offering both figurative and scripted product, Sentiment is a very strong performing category for Arora Design.

    • More Than Words
      IMG 3567 Crop 2

      More Than Words

      This expressive collection of sentiment based figurines is inspired by the talented sculptor Neil Welch.

    • Said with Sentiment
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      Said with Sentiment

      A sensational performer at retail this fantastic brand of multiple sentiment based ranges is perfect for conveying heart felt messages to loved ones and friends.

      Square Wall Art, inspirational Jigsaw Wall Art, Tea Light Holders, Ceramic Gifts Sets, Mugs in Tins, Candles in Tins, Travel Mugs, Money Boxes and Hanging Stars and Cosmetic Bags make up this on trend collection using a variety of materials. Creative designs coupled with beautiful artwork deliver messages from the heart.

  • Animals

    Arora Design are well known and respected for our wide range of animal collections. Spanning stylised, modern and humorous designs.

    2022 sees a new pet memorial collection Rainbow Bridge Friends added to this category

    • Rainbow Bridge Friends
      RBF Amazon 1207

      Rainbow Bridge Friends

      An endearing collection of products to cherish the memories of special companions that have gained their wings and gone to the Rainbow Bridge

    • Little Paws
      Lp Cavapoo Editorial (2) Cropped

      Little Paws

      Inspired by the success of Pets with Personality, Little Paws is a fabulous range of humorous cats dogs and animals available in figurines and key rings.

      Point of sale is available with this range.

    • Optipaws
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      A lovable range of cat, dog and animal eye glass holders, affectionately sculpted to bring a smile to storing glasses safely and keeping them where they can easily be found.

  • Collectables

    Traditional trinket boxes and figurines covering wildlife, birds and seasonal themes.

    • Nature's Realms
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      Nature's Realms

      Skillfully created by Dean Kendrick these charming studies of favourite garden visitors and wild birds will be endearing to all.  With colourful yet softly styled paint work partnered with jewel like silver plate.

    • “Secrets” from Hidden Treasures
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      “Secrets” from Hidden Treasures

      A stunning range of jewelled trinket boxes, gold or silver plated, hand painted with vibrant enamels and finished with beautiful crystals. Cleverly concealed openings ensure each fabulous box delivers a surprise in the shape of a pendant. Packaged in a beautiful silk lined box.

    • Craycombe Trinkets
      Fairling Web 3 Xmas CT Boxes

      Craycombe Trinkets

      A super range of seasonal trinket boxes decorated with vibrant enamels and embellished with crystals. Packaged in a beautiful silk lined box.

  • Fragrance & Homewares

    A beautiful collection of fragranced and Ceramic products made in the heart of the British Peak District offers items that will delight as either self purchases or gifts.

    • Said With Sentiment

      Said With Sentiment

    • On a Wick and a Prayer
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      On a Wick and a Prayer

      Fantastic fragranced product made in the UK by the Derbyshire candle makers On a Wick & A Prayer. Exclusively distributed by Arora Design in the UK and Ireland this fabulous collection comprises of gorgeous hand poured mineral wax candles, diffusers, melter gifts sets and wax bars.